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Debt Recovery Services

We specialise in high volume debt collection. A genuine understanding of our clients’ needs, values and priorities empowers us to deliver efficient, tailor-made debt collection services at competitive rates.

Company & Secretarial Services

We understand the peculiarity of each industry corporate and secretarial services, corporate governance issues and the significance of corporate social responsibility as well as other statutory and regulatory requirements hence we treat our Clients like partners in business relationship.

Energy Law

We are retained by major energy corporations on wide spectrum of Energy Law and environmental sustainability in line with the regulatory regime applicable in this industry.

Employment Law

We offer comprehensive, effective, progressive and innovative advice to a large and growing number of major clients in all aspects of employment law in Nigeria including:

  • General Employment Law;
  • Arbitration and Mediation;
  • Collective Bargaining Issues and Strike Management;
  • Disciplinary investigations and enquiries;
  • Due Diligence Exercises and Corporate Transactions;
  • Background checks;
  • Employment Contracts;
  • Employment Discrimination;
  • Employment Legislation;
  • Employment Litigation (Labour and National Industrial Court cases matter);
  • Litigation/ Alternative Dispute Resolutions;
  • Policy development and drafting;
  • Public law employment issues;
  • Restructuring and retrenchment planning;
  • Pension Law and Employee Benefits;
  • Training, Seminars and Employment Law Updates.

Environmental Law

We provide high quality definitive advice that keeps our clients at the forefront of the green economy and sustainable development.

In recognition of the growing contribution of green businesses to sustainability, we have expanded our capacity to offer corporate law services to green entrepreneurs and businesses such as renewable energy, clean technology and sustainable investment enterprises.

Our clients have the advantage of being advised by lawyers that combine extensive commercial law expertise with a specialist knowledge of the green economy, have a reputation for innovation and imagination and who share a commitment to creating ecologically sustainable communities.

Insolvency Law

With the numerous insolvencies that have occurred over the past few years, the focus has shifted from liquidation of assets to assistance of businesses in financial trouble. The reason is simple. Not only the business, but its suppliers, clients, shareholders, and employees are all affected. We provide debt management solution to assisting our clients on either sides of the divide to navigate out of the unpleasant situation whenever our service is required in this direction.

Capital Market Activities

Initial Public Offerings

The firm acts as Solicitor to the offer and Solicitor to the Company in appropriate circumstances based on the recognised expertise on Capital Markets activities.

Mergers & Acquisitions does not have to be complex concept for our any of client, with the objective of wealth maximization; companies keep evaluating different opportunities through the route of merger or acquisition.

When it comes to transactions of this level you can trust our experience and competence to get an excellence outcome.

The firm is a pioneer member of Capital Market Solicitors Association. The principal members of the firm regularly serve in various SEC committees and have won several awards in recognition of their contributions to the development of Capital Market Industry in Nigeria.

Insurance and Reinsurance Law

Members of our firm regularly serve in Federal Government set-up Committees on the development of Insurance law and practice in Nigeria. The firm is regularly being consulted by the insurance regulatory authorities on laws relating to the improvement of the insurance sector and how to handle infractions of the law by insurance operators.

Real Estate Law

The Real Estate Department of the firm handles all aspects relating to property and related infrastructure law in Nigeria.

The services we offer in this department include the following:

  • Advising on and drafting of commercial and residential leases;
  • Commercial and residential developments, including township establishment;
  • Conventional transfers of properties, as well as transfers as a result of or in terms of liquidations, auctions, court orders, foreclosures, divorces, donations and deceased and insolvent estates;
  • Financial planning and structuring of share block and time share schemes;
  • Financial structuring of property transactions;
  • Miscellaneous applications, consents and endorsements required in the conveyancing process;
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements relating to the sale of properties, both residential and commercial;
  • Project and commercial property development finance;
  • Property finance
  • Registration and cancellation of all types of bonds, including mortgage, surety, collateral and notarial bonds;

Corporate Commercial Practice

We assist clients with all commercial and statutory compliance aspects of their business. Commercial transactions are the heartbeat of the firm and the majority of our lawyers are primarily involved in assisting clients with a wide variety of commercial transactions.

Our services are not limited to the draft and settlement of a composite range of commercial contracts but also include advising on the tax and other implications of commercial transactions, conducting due diligence investigations and processing of regulatory licenses.

Tax Law Practice

Tax Law Practices includes all legal aspects of taxation at the federal, state, local and international levels. Our Tax professionals practice focuses on the following areas:

  • Tax compliance,
  • Tax planning and
  • Tax dispute resolution.

We have tax legal practitioners who are chartered members and fellows of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria. The cognate experience garnered by the tax practitioners in our firm would always be of assistance to our clients in need of any of these services.

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